Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Two who were instrumental for the teachings by example of real, honest, down to earth, loving step- grandparents throughout my lifetime.  Not possible to write about Nanna, or Grampy without the other.  They were never without the other, until he passed and then I know he was still very much with Nanna.  I learned so much from each individually, and together as husband and wife.

While Grampy had passed about 20 years earlier than Nanna, from Alzheimer's, Nanna carried on until 5 months before her 100th birthday.  Tenacity and just plain lack of expectation that she should go anywhere!

Nanna always kept Pepperidge Farm cake in her freezer, a can of whipped cream in the refrigerator, and colorful, pastel, mint candies in the dish beside her chair to share with us grand kids.  She who was the very first telephone operator in town, right out of their home.  She who at the age of five, contracted polio causing her to wear a brace on one leg since before we ever knew one another. 

Still hanging clothes on the line, singing and moving to her good friends accordion playing, and chasing after us kids who took advantage of the kindness and always gentle scolding.  "You kids are going to get belly aches if you don't stop eating those apples". 

When I was not allowed to wear long pants to school, Nanna let me hide a pair at her house where I would stop to and from school to change.  She was my friend and confident. 
I love you both Nanna and Grampy, you left behind many tiny legacies...


  1. What a great post :) They both sound like wonderful people! {No wonder...they're related to you :)}

  2. I love looking at old photos!

  3. great memories! and a wonderful photo!

  4. great little stories. I love everything Pepperidge Farm makes! My kid of grandma! {:-D


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