Thursday, June 23, 2011

It's time to find out ,,,

... who is this month's Featured EtsyBlogger!!



"Tammy is a lovely and supportive member of our team. She has been a member of EtsyBloggers since Jan '09! She participates in team events, promotes her teammates on her blog, and can be found at our team locations too."
~Joey & Aleethea
Let us see some of my favorites from her Etsy Shop:  Tamdoll Silver Mountain Originals  

Sherbet Necklace - Soft Fabric Beads with Shell Pearls

Serenity Mermaid Pattern for Cloth Dolls
Tote Bag - Composition In Brown - Upcycled Wool Dress

To visit Tammy's blog:
And her Twitter:


  1. Tammy makes the most wonderful items! That necklace is a favorite of mine as well.
    Tammy is a lovely teammate!

  2. Thanks for sharing my blog and creations!


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