Sunday, June 12, 2011

Evening with Friends ...

... We arrived just after 4pm, and were all in the pool by 5.  82 degree's of warmth and floating, taking the pressures off of life and the old body did the trick, especially for my husband who is today on his 7th working day in a row.

After about in hour, it actually felt cold to get out of the pool and into Florida's sweltering weather.  Wrapped in a beach towel, I stole myself away and back into my street clothes, after that it was not too long before the four of us were in the kitchen and the game was on...

My husband chopped fresh herbs, and enjoyed creating steamed muscles for all of us to enjoy.  Garlic, butter, rosemary, thyme, parsley, white wine, lemon and such, as he steamed those babies delicious.  We lingered at the dinner table digesting the tasty morsels with homemade garlic bread, beer and wine.  I had the pleasure of introducing our friends to the garlic bread, toasted with fresh chopped garlic mixed into melted butter with rosemary, thyme, salt, and parsley.  Oooh la la!

About an hour later, it was back into the kitchen where the salad was prepared, first course dishes were washed, the kitchen was tidied, table reset, and conversations were struck as we continued to laugh and learn about one another. 

Shrimp, yellow squash, vadalia onion, and red pepper, skewered and cooked on the outside grill.  Earlier I had created a marinade for the shrimp to bath in, to include homemade italian salad dressing, soy, worchershire sauce, fresh chopped garlic, rosemary, and fresh squeezed lemon juice.

With a salad of romaine lettuce, cucumbers, red onion, parsley, dill and feta cheese, more of the garlic bread, and we were in taste bud heaven!

Today the memories, and looking forward to our next amature gourmet dining experience...

What have you eaten lately that made your taste buds dance?


  1. gosh, you're making me SO hungry! We have to buy frozen mussels, but I love them anyway... DH made some great spagetti two nights ago. Yum Yum! {:-D

  2. What a great night! Good food+good friends=Good Times :)

  3. that sounds fun and very relaxing.

  4. Sounds like a perfect night all around! Sure wish you weren't all the way across the country from me!

  5. WOW! Such description! It was like I was there!

  6. Oh man! aaaahhhhhh......
    How wonderful!

    I'm very hungry right now, so my dinner of stir fry vegetables I'm about to eat, will make me dance with joy!


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