Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Outdoor Wednesday

Seeing through the eye of the camera has been a lifelong joy. 
It sees the beauty in things otherwise unseen.
Nuances of early morning. 
Soft sunlight.  Bright sunlight.  Shade.  Outlines.
Reflections.  Color variations.  Temperatures.

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  1. The first one is so pretty :) And I thin the shadows add great character to the second one!

  2. Great capture of textures, colors and shadows! That first one has me craving tacos for some reason. :)

  3. totally agree! looking through the lens of a camera causes one to examine the nuances of objects.
    great post!

  4. that is so pretty - love the color of moss and the shadows! Being in Florida with allergies - that must be a mess! {:-D


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