Thursday, July 14, 2011

Alphabe Thursday! This Weeks Letter is "M"

M is for

Macaroni & Mushrooms ...

 For this batch I used two boxes of 100% whole grain Penne pasta, two cans of solid white Albacore Tuna packed in water, one large onion, three large stalks of celery, black pepper & mayo to taste.

Allow the cooked (according to the directions) macaroni to cool before adding your ingredients.   

 I like to use all of the celery stalk (after cutting back the bottom) including the leaves.
Enough for lunches through the weekend, and to bring to some friends who are packing for a three week Alaskan cruise, while their air conditioner is broken.  Did I mention we live in sweltering Florida?

 Mmmm, baby portabello mushrooms!

Drawing a blank after learning of todays Alphabe, I spent the morning seeking inspiration.  Now, if this continues, the refrigerator will be full once again with homemade goodness. 

The other day, I had taken some photographs of a lovely mushroom that had popped up in the yard.  However, the mushroom was growing within the bottom of the jasmine vine, and very close to the ground.  I did not feel that the pictures were good enough, but thinking about it inspired me to search for one of my old, favorite cookbooks.  "The Garlic Lovers Cookbook" from Gilroy.  Garlic Capital of the World.

Finding a recipe titled Garlic Mushroom Casserole was the basis for these savory stuffed mushroom. 

Off to the fresh market in our local Mennonite village, about a mile and a half from home, I found large & small baby portabello mushrooms, sweet vadilia onions, and fresh garlic.  To the grocery for almonds, ground turkey (use your favorite ground meat or soy paste), swiss & mozzarella cheeses.  Home to the seasoned bread crumbs, handmade butter, cookie sheet, olive oil Pam, and food processor, I altered the recipe to include black pepper, poultry seasoning (my favorite next to fresh rosemary), the sweet onion, one large sweet red pepper, and one half cup of worcestershire sauce.

Thank you Jenny.  If it were not for you, none of this delicisousness would have happened!


  1. Your macaroni and tuna salad looks delicious, and those mushrooms! I'm glad your were inspired! It was well worth it!

  2. Re, that's what I love about Alphabe-Thursday! It can force you to be creative! I wasn't going to participate till I saw Deb's MSST--mist tangle. Then I remembered a particular mist photo. And there you have it!
    What a creative recipe--perfect for a HOT summer day!

  3. Tag!!

    We have a game of Blog Tag going around and I've tagged you!

    Stop by my blog to get the details. Can't wait to see your answers!!

  4. M is for Mmmmmm! I love stuffed mushrooms and the tuna salad looks good too!

  5. Oh, yum the mushrooms look fantastic, and so does the macaroni! Now I'm hungry!

  6. Yummy! I wonder why I am hungry now... ;)

  7. Mmmm...M foods are the best! Thanks for sharing your inspiration with the rest of us.

  8. Oh wow. I love the idea of the stuffed mushrooms! They look perfect! I always use celery and celery leaves in my tuna salad, too. Mango chutney is an interesting addition as well...I have a different recipe using it if you every want to give it a go!

    Thanks for a delicious stop this week. I think I need to make some peanut butter toast or something now!




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