Thursday, July 7, 2011

Alphabe Thursday! This Weeks Letter is "L"

L is for Lunch

Ringling Museum of Art 2011 Triviso Restaurant Sarasota, Florida

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  1. How unusual to have a museum of dining. There's nothing like that here in the UK... although we do have some pretty ancient restaurants.

  2. Yum.

    And now, I'm going to go have some lunch myself!


  3. Oh man, now I want sushi, and I can't have sushi unless it is raining. I know that doesn't make any sense, but it is just my thing. We have some rain in the forecast for next week. Maybe then! Thanks for sharing!

  4. that looks like a great place to visit. Art & Food - what a combination! I've been needling my boss for us to put a restaurant in our museum. He doesn't want one! {:-D

  5. I love going out to lunch, and that looks like a cool place to go!

  6. I have got to get to The Ringling Museum of Art one day. He had quite a collection!

    But, now, I also want to go for the lunch!

    My niece has looked at the Ringling art school. She has amazing talent, she might fit in well there.

  7. you make me feel hungry, yummy shots.

  8. Lunch is my favorite meal to dine out!

    I love the intimacy of these shots. Great capture and an interesting link this week.

    Thanks for sharing.



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