Thursday, July 28, 2011

O is for Outing!

Alphabe Thursday!


South Lido Park is one of my favorite places to become one with myself again.  Here you have a beach, a simple park with a few picnic tables and charcoal grills.  Where you can drive to or arrive by boat.  Ski, snorkel, jet ski, sunbathe, eat, drink, and be merry.  Sand, dirt, and wooden walkways throughout the woods.

It is the perfect place to create sweet memories.  In the winter, we love to pack up the tabletop grill, food, blankets, towels, food, wine, and the picnic gear for a wonderfilled dinner at sunset.

Pulling a picnic table or two out of the tree covered picnic area and out onto the beach, we see sand, sky, trees, wildlife, sea oats, and the Gulf of Mexico.  Strolling, people watching, and wondering about all of the condos up the way that are directly on the beach.  Why are there so few enjoying the treasures at their doorstep?
Knew they did this, but had never seen them.  When the sun goes down, these rascals appear like ghosts from the trees.  Quietly sneaking upon us for people food.  Easy marks we can be, but they will climb right up onto the table!

At some point, the population of raccoons exploded.  It really was awful.  We think that they were/we hope that they were relocated.

We have been coming here for years. 

One of those times, my husband and I, his father and his wife, sister with her babydaddy boyfriend, brother-in-law and his partner gathered for an evening of fun, relaxation, food and drink. 

Kite flying high into the blue sky, sun waning, the guys set out to open the fresh raw oysters while the rest of us set the table with newspaper, candles, lemon wedges, cups, homemade cocktail sauce, and all of the necessities for an awesome meal and evening together.

Roseate Spoonbills
Serene, quiet.  A hidden cove to cool the spirit.
We watched the sun set, the moon rise, the lights of the hotels, motels, and condos in the close distance. The strangers disappear.

Well fed, relaxed, and fulfilled we made our way home for a good nights sleep.

Simple pleasures, life's treasures


  1. wonderful. i love the raccoon picture.

  2. looks lovely. Wish I were there, picnicing with you! {:-D

  3. Pretty place to go. Those look like Pelicans to me :)~Ames

  4. Looks like a wonderful park Great pictures

  5. Sometimes these treasures are simply taken for granted by locals. We've lived in Knoxville for 32 years and it's surprises me to find out someone from this area HASN'T ever visited the Smoky Mountains which is less than an hour's drive south. That's so crazy to me. Your outing sounds so lovely and something we would very much enjoy. In fact, sometimes we'll pack a picnic just to take a late afternoon drive to the mountains to enjoy the sunset or to watch for critters to come out of the woods, which isn't an often thing to glimpse. Thanks for sharing!

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    Happy blog hopping,
    Cathy Kennedy, Children's Author
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  6. sounds like a wonderful "O"uting!!!

  7. What a lovely magical spot! This was a little oasis in the heat of an Arizona summer!

    Thanks for an outstanding link!


  8. Your photos are great, right on your doorstep too.

    Thanks for sharing.

    I'm here"
    On This Orange-Hued Day


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